Friday, July 28, 2006

Call Center Agents Job Qualification

Job Description
Must be a true extrovert (i.e. assertive, gregarious, congenial, and confident).
Must have the ability to persuade, motivate, convince, and influence people.
Must be resilient, persevering, and patient.
Must have high tolerance for rejection, frustration, and stress.
Must be motivated, goal- or result-oriented, and ambitious.
Must be resourceful, creative, and savvy
Willing to work at night (graveyard shift) if required
Must be expressive, fluent, and articulate in both English and Filipino
Must be able to deal with diverse personalities and situations
Must be computer literate and internet savvy (must pass a skill test)

Skills Required
Telemarketing (local or international) experience
Previous selling (retail, multi-level, networking, door-to-door, or field) experience Attended training (formal or informal) in Selling, Sales, Selling Skills, Handling Objections, Cross-selling, Consultative Selling, etc. Customer Care Support experience is a plus but not required.

Education level required
College or Undergraduate are free to apply

Language Requirements
English-Very Good
Other: FIlipino


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